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Overview of Oracle Micros POS

The Oracle Micros POS System

Micros POS is renowned as one of the best point of sale (POS) systems for restaurants, hotel resorts, bars, cafés, and casinos. The software offers stable, reliable, and secure payment management services. Beyond transaction operations, it encompasses a plethora of features, including employee administration, ordering, inventory, and reporting tools.

Prominent brands like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Brands, Outback Steakhouse, TGI Fridays, MAX Burgers, and hotel chains such as Scandic Hotels have integrated Micros into their operations. The platform’s all-in-one cloud-based system allows businesses to optimize both online and in-house operations in real-time, from any device.

Pros and Cons of Oracle Micros POS


  • Established POS software tailored for the hospitality industry.
  • InMotion mobile analytics app available for iOS and Android.
  • Attractive hardware deals starting from $1.
  • Free product tours for potential users.
  • Highly customizable to fit various business needs.


  • The system dashboard might appear outdated compared to contemporary alternatives.
  • Customer support can sometimes be slow to respond.
  • It’s one of the pricier options available in the market.

Pricing and Plans

The costs for the PCI DSS compliant Micros POS are quote-based. However, basic pricing for their Simphony POS products is available online. They offer three plans:

  • Micros Simphony Essentials: Starting at $55, this entry-level plan is designed for small hospitality businesses. It includes features like accepting orders from websites or apps, managing menus, and adjusting pricing based on delivery or collection.
  • Micros Simphony Plus: Priced at $75, this plan is tailored for multi-location and franchise operations. It offers advanced analytics and marketing features.
  • Micros Simphony Single Tenant: This plan is for businesses that want to run their technology and connect to Micros POS. Pricing is quoted on demand.

Key Features of Oracle Micros POS

  1. Labor Management and Scheduling: The system offers restaurant scheduling software that enables managers to schedule shifts using real-time forecasts and employee data. This feature can help reduce overtime costs and address last-minute scheduling issues.
  2. Inventory Management: The POS restaurant inventory management tools assist in minimizing waste by maintaining optimal stock levels. It connects with vendors and suppliers, allowing businesses to monitor pricing trends, reorder swiftly, and develop menus based on real-time data.
  3. Hardware: Micros offers robust and durable POS hardware. Their touchscreen POS tablets and monitors are spill-resistant and designed to withstand outdoor conditions, making them suitable for outdoor dining.
  4. Integrations: The Micros Simphony POS boasts a vast array of integration partners available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Thanks to its open API, businesses can easily connect with third-party ordering platforms, kiosk management software, restaurant reservation tools, and more.
  5. Reporting & Analytics: The system provides insights into stock levels, operations progress, and employee account activity. It gathers customer and business data in real-time from multiple sales channels, allowing businesses to switch from sales forecast data to discount management seamlessly.
  6. Loyalty Programme Management: Oracle offers a loyalty management tool via Micros POS that enables businesses to design custom loyalty campaigns based on buyer behavior. This feature helps incentivize brand loyalty and reward regular customers.
  7. Menu Management: The sophisticated menu management system allows businesses to update menu items across multiple locations in real time. This feature ensures consistency across restaurant, takeaway, and mobile ordering menus.

Final Verdict

The Oracle Micros POS system is a comprehensive solution for the hospitality industry. While it offers a plethora of features and is backed by a reputable brand, it might be on the pricier side for some businesses. However, its robust features, reliable performance, and adaptability make it a worthy investment for businesses looking for a top-tier POS solution.

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