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  • Seamlessly handles chip, stripe, and contactless transactions.
  • A 4″ touch screen in a pocket-friendly device for on-the-go transactions.
  • Equipped with PCI PTS 5.0, ensuring every transaction’s safety.
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Dejavoo QD3: A Compact Powerhouse

In today’s digital age, businesses require payment solutions that are not only efficient but also versatile. The Dejavoo QD3 mPOS Android WIFI/BLUETOOTH terminal stands out as a beacon of innovation in this realm. Let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration of this device.

1. A Deep Dive into the Dejavoo QD3 mPOS Terminal

The Dejavoo QD3 isn’t just another payment device; it’s a holistic solution designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of modern businesses. With its Android platform, it offers a familiar interface for users, ensuring minimal learning curves and maximum efficiency. Priced at $270.00, it’s an investment that promises substantial returns in terms of convenience and functionality.

2. Connectivity: The Heartbeat of Modern Business

In an era where connectivity is paramount, the Dejavoo QD3 shines:

  • 4G Capabilities: Ideal for businesses that operate in areas with high-speed internet, ensuring transactions are processed in real-time.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth: These features ensure that the device can connect to networks or other devices seamlessly, making it perfect for pop-up shops or businesses on the go.

3. Design and Display: Where Function Meets Form

A device’s design plays a crucial role in its usability:

  • Vibrant 4″ Touch Screen: This ensures clear visuals, making transactions smooth for both the operator and the customer.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighing just 0.44 lbs and with pocket-friendly dimensions, it’s the epitome of portability.

4. Payment Versatility: Catering to the Modern Customer

Today’s customer uses a myriad of payment methods, and the Dejavoo QD3 is ready for them all:

  • Card Insertions: Whether it’s credit or debit, the device processes chip-based cards with ease.
  • Magnetic Stripe Reading (MSR): Legacy cards are still in circulation, and the QD3 ensures businesses can cater to customers using them.
  • Contactless Payments: With the rise of NFC-based payment methods, this feature is a boon for businesses aiming to provide swift and hassle-free transactions.

5. Memory and Storage: The Unsung Heroes

For a device to function smoothly, robust memory and storage are crucial:

  • 512MB RAM: Ensures the device runs smoothly, even with multiple applications open.
  • 4GB Flash Memory: Ample storage for apps, transaction data, and updates.

6. Security: Non-Negotiable in Today’s World

With cyber threats on the rise, the Dejavoo QD3 places paramount importance on security:

  • PCI PTS 5.0: This security standard ensures that cardholder data is kept safe, instilling confidence in both businesses and customers.

7. The Dejavoo Legacy: A Brand Synonymous with Quality

Dejavoo’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the QD3. With a history of producing top-notch payment solutions, businesses can be assured they’re investing in a product that’s backed by years of expertise and trust.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View


  • Compact Design: Perfect for businesses on the move.
  • Versatile Payment Options: From card insertions to contactless, it’s ready for the modern customer.
  • Robust Security: With PCI PTS 5.0, businesses and customers can transact with peace of mind.


  • Price Point: At $270.00, it might be a significant initial investment for some.
  • Learning Curve: While user-friendly, mastering all its features might take time.

Final thoughts

The Dejavoo QD3 mPOS Android WIFI/BLUETOOTH terminal is a testament to what modern payment solutions can achieve. With its blend of features, security protocols, and the backing of a trusted brand, it’s set to redefine the transaction experience for businesses. Whether you’re a small cafe or a large retail chain, the Dejavoo QD3 is a worthy addition to your arsenal, promising efficiency, versatility, and security in every transaction. Dejavoo QD3 Set Up Guide

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