Dejavoo Z8 Tri Comm

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  • Seamless 4G and Wi-Fi connection capabilities.
  • Process contactless payment methods.
  • Features dual HD screens for merchant and client views.
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Dejavoo Z8 Terminal Product Information

A Comprehensive Payment Solution

The Dejavoo Z8 is not just another credit card machine. It’s a comprehensive payment solution designed for businesses that prioritize security, efficiency, and customer experience. With its built-in capability to process both EMV chip cards and contactless (NFC) payments, businesses can ensure swift and secure transactions. Moreover, the terminal also supports traditional magnetic stripe credit cards, PIN-based, and signature-based debit cards, making it a truly versatile choice.

Key Features of the Dejavoo Z8

  • Multiple Connection Options: The terminal offers a variety of connection methods, including dial-up, Ethernet, and Wifi. Additionally, it’s Bluetooth-enabled and comes equipped with serial and USB ports, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  • High-Visibility Display: The terminal boasts a 2.4″ backlit LCD color screen, ensuring clear visibility for both businesses and customers, irrespective of the lighting conditions.
  • Efficient Keypad: With 15 standard keys and 6 function keys, the Dejavoo Z8 ensures quick and efficient entry, enhancing the user experience.
  • Compact Design: Weighing just 375 grams and with dimensions of 190mm L x 78mm W x 78mm H, the Z8 is designed for portability and is especially suitable for environments with limited space.
  • Robust Memory: The terminal comes with 192MB of total memory, comprising 128MB of flash memory and 64MB of DDR RAM. This robust memory ensures smooth operations and can hold over 30,000 transactions in a single batch.
  • Swift Printing: The built-in graphical printer prints at a speed of 100mm per second, ensuring quick receipt generation without causing delays.

Locked Terminals and Reprogramming

For businesses wondering about the locked status of their Dejavoo Z8 machine, a simple method allows them to check. By pressing OK, navigating to Utility, and entering the default password (1234), businesses can determine if their terminal is unlocked. It’s worth noting that even if a terminal is locked, some processors can still reprogram it, provided the new password is available.

Compatibility and Pricing

The Dejavoo Z8 is not proprietary, meaning it’s compatible with a wide range of processors. For businesses considering a switch, it’s advisable to check with the new processor about reprogramming possibilities. As for pricing, the cost of the Z8 varies based on the purchase location. However, it’s generally available for a few hundred dollars.

Feature-Rich for Seamless Transactions

The DejaVoo Z8 is packed with features designed to streamline the transaction process:

  • Built-in NFC Reader: For swift contactless payments.
  • Keypad & Receipt Printer: Ensuring every transaction is complete, from input to printout.
  • Cash Discount & Surcharge Programs: Offering flexibility in payment structures.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with TSYS and First Data platforms.
  • Unlocked Terminals: Every purchased terminal is shipped unlocked, ensuring ease of setup and use.

Stunning Display for Enhanced User Experience

One of the first things you’ll notice about the PAX E700 is its large 12.5-inch HD IPS display. This isn’t just for show; the screen’s size and clarity ensure that every transaction is clear, reducing the chances of errors. Additionally, the smart automatic brightness function adjusts the screen’s luminosity based on ambient light, ensuring optimal visibility at all times.

Certifications for Peace of Mind

When it comes to POS systems, security is paramount. The PAX E700 comes with a slew of certifications, including PCI PTS 5.x SRED, EMV L1 & L2, Visa payWave, MasterCard Contactless, and many more. These certifications ensure that every transaction is secure, giving both businesses and customers peace of mind.

Final Verdict

The DejaVoo Z8 Tri Comm Terminal is more than just a POS system; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored for modern businesses. With its array of features, robust technical specifications, and a design that exudes professionalism, it’s a worthy investment for businesses aiming to elevate their transaction experience.

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